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Satisfy Every Craving with Our Sweet and Savory Selection!

Indulge in a wide array of delectable treats, from irresistible sweets to savory delights, catering to every craving you may have!

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Taste the Flavors of North India: Where Every Meal is a Celebration.

Experience the rich, aromatic flavors of North India, where each dish is a celebration of culture and tradition, igniting your senses with every bite.

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Every epic journey starts with a small step!

Shri Jee Shyam Dairy epitomizes this saying in the industry of sweets and confectionery. Our journey to fulfill the heart and soul with sweetness began in 2013 at Delhi’s Gazipur. Though we are the only outlet on the outskirts of Delhi, the demand for our sweets spread across the NCR region over the years. We are humbled by the expectation our customers have for us!

Multi-cuisine dining

Dine in with luxury

Multi-cuisine dining

Shri Jee Shyam  Dairy sweets cater exclusively to authentic Indian cuisine at our dine-in restaurant. We are committed to providing our patrons with an experience they will cherish forever. We aim to ensure that once the patron comes, they are fulfilled with the dishes and come back for more.

At Shree Ji Shyam Dairy’s restaurant, the casual dining experience comes with excellent quality North Indian, South Indian, and exclusive Indo-Chinese dishes. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best ingredients to provide an authentic taste to the dishes.

Mithai that is handcrafted & delectable

Indian Sweets

Shri Jee Shyam Dairy is always honored to add the special sweetness with the handcrafted and delectable Indian sweets (mithai) for your every special celebration and occasion. We can assure you the sweets are delicious and will impress your guests and loved ones. So, whether it is for a celebration, a gift, or for your own indulgence, Shree Ji Shyam Dairy’s mithai is a must for every event.

Bakery & Confectionary

Curating to your sweet cravings

Bakery & Confectionary

At Shri Jee Shyam Dairy, we offer a range of baked and confectionary items. We pride ourselves in offering each item that has been beautifully crafted with best-sourced ingredients. Our bakery and confectionary food are not only mesmerizing to look at but even better tasting. Whether a cake, patties, pastry, or cookie, each item is carefully made at our own baking facility to ensure its quality. Shree Ji Shyam Dairy cater to customized gift packs for festivals and hampers for induvial and corporate requirements. We can assure you will be spoilt for choices at our shop.

Helping to create memories

Parties & Celebration

Shri Jee Shyam Dairy knows the importance of creating beautiful memories at a special event. So, let us help you with it by catering to all your celebration and party needs while you can focus on yourself and the guests. We offer a complete party experience that is unparallel to anyone. So, contact us today for your next celebration!

Party and Celebration
Always Quality

Come & Discover Our Rage For Your Sweet & Salty Cravings!

Gift Hamper
Gift Hampers
For individual and corporate needs we make customized gift hampers that can include Indian sweets, dry fruits, and fusion of our specialities with items of your choice in a signature box.
Wedding Box
Wedding Boxes
We customize wedding boxes with our designer sweets and confectionaries. You can select the items that you want to put in the box and we will do it for you!
Mix Dry Fruits
Dry Fruits
Our dry fruits are of premium quality and is the best gift for any corporate or individual event at an affordable price. You can find the packaging in attractive shapes and sizes.
Biscuits & Cookies
Get different flavours, sweet, salt or both with our wide range of assorted freshly baked biscuits and cookies. All of them are healthy yet delicious to taste.
Satiate your and your guests craving for salty snacks at any party or get-together with our spices bhuji sev, fried moong dal and aloo bhujia.
Let your guests enjoy the healthiest and most delicious fruit juices from our wide range of flavors. These juices are sourced from natural ingredients.

Shyam’s Banquet Hall

Good place for Good Moments

Shyam’s Banquet Hall

Good place for Good Moments

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